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Bodega Sierra Almagrera, Gold Edition, "Caballo Espanol", Almeria 2018

Bodega Sierra Almagrera, Gold Edition, "Caballo Espanol", Almeria 2018

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Bodega Sierra Almagrera, Gold Edition, "Caballo Espanol", Almeria 2018.

Vineyard: In the heart of Almeria province, 350 metres above sea level in the foothills of the Sierra Almagrera mountain range, the personality of the vineyard has been shaped since the time of the Phoenicians by the land’s sub-desert Mediterranean climate of hot days and cold nights, very little rainfall and cool, humid breezes that caress the vines and give them their unique character.

Growing and preparation processes: The grapes are harvested byhand in 10 kg boxes. The machine-free, human-only process involves destemming grape by grape and placing the immaculate fruit in thetanks. Fermentation takes place in our underground winery, in small,wide, temperature-controlled tanks that we hand punch down, without pumps, to extract the essence of the fruit. After a gentle fermentation, the wine rests in the best French oak barrels for 25 months to shape aunique, lively wine made from a living process thanks to the living yeast sand the touch of human hand.

Tasting: Deep cherry red colour, with abundant depth. Its elegant aromas are reminiscent of red fruits such as wild strawberry, liquorice and balsamic tones of wild plants such as thyme and lavender, which emanate from the oak that envelops the wine in elegance. Splendid in the mouth, meaty and full-bodied, it awakens on the palate the perennial dialogue between the land and the sea, its iodine, salt... Pairs well with red meat, cheeses and even oily and rock fish. Alc 15% Grapes: Shiraz and Tempranillo

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